RCI Points and Timeshares

RCI is the largest timeshare exchange company in the world. With an RCI membership, you’ll have the ability to trade your week for thousands of destinations around the world.

Please note that in order to exchange your timeshare week through RCI, you must own at a resort affiliated with the exchange network. If your resort is not affiliated with RCI you may have to use another exchange resource. RCI is affiliated with over 4,500 resorts, including many of the most popular timeshare brands, so you have many resorts to choose from.

Need to verify if your desired timeshare is affiliated with RCI? Contact our customer service team at 844-202-3508.

RCI Timeshare Exchange — How it Works

Want to increase your travel options and flexibility? Consider buying a timeshare affiliated with RCI. Exchange companies, such as RCI provide a medium for owners to visit resorts outside their internal timeshare network. A timeshare exchange membership is similar to points, where you can use your points as “currency” towards available reservations.

With an RCI timeshare, you’ll be able to easily swap your vacation week for thousands of available reservations. To get started, you’ll need to purchase an RCI membership in addition to your timeshare week or points. This will be a small fee to your yearly maintenance fees. RCI offers year-to-year contracts so you can choose to renew or cancel your membership at the end of the year.

In order to trade your week, you’ll first need to deposit your current week with RCI. Once deposited, you will receive an allotment of RCI points to use towards your vacation. Here you’ll have the option to book a single week, or divide your points amongst multiple trips. You’ll also have the option to bank some, or all, of your points towards next year’s travel. This is a great option for those owners who are not able to travel every year.

Transform Your Fixed Week Timeshare

Own a fixed timeshare week? While a fixed week can be a great choice for travelers and families looking to vacation the same time every year, you never know when you may want to try something new. RCI will allow you to convert your fixed week into a fully flexible vacation ownership.

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