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Need more information about timeshare week numbers? Whether you’re interested in buying a timeshare or using a timeshare rental, it’s important to know the check-in dates for timeshare weeks. Our easy-to-use timeshare calendar will help you to understand timeshare weeks and their calendar dates. If you have any questions regarding week numbers or available weeks, please call us at 844-202-3508.

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How Timeshare Weeks Work

In the timeshare industry, each week of the year is assigned a number. Timeshare weeks are numbered 1 through 52 with check-in dates on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Once every 7 years, there will be week 53 in late December. This week is usually reserved for bonus weeks or rentals.

Weeks are assigned different values or rates based on demand. For example, week #52 (Christmas week) may cost more to buy or rent timeshare than week 3 (mid-January). More popular seasons will also be more expensive (for example: a summer week at a beachfront timeshare may cost more than a summer week in Arizona).

If you have a timeshare with a floating week or floating season, you will need to contact your resort to book an available week. If reserving a week for a timeshare rental, it is recommended to choose the highest demand week available. This will increase your chances of a successful rental, and you may be able to charge more for the week.

Timeshare Week Calendar

See below to view this year’s timeshare weeks and check-in dates. Select a different year to update the calendar! Be aware that some check-in dates may differ depending upon resort, so please double check with your resort for exact dates.

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